Pekin & Pekin History

Founded in 1971 in Istanbul, Pekin & Pekin is a leading full-service law firm providing integrated legal services to its clients involved in transactions within Turkey.

The vision of Pekin & Pekin consistently evolves to align with the ruling legal landscape, ensuring that we provide our clients accurate legal advice and solutions that drive their long-term success in Turkey and globally. Pekin & Pekin continually expands its expertise and service offerings while maintaining its boutique approach and determined dedication to delivering exceptional client service. The Firm’s goal is to empower its clients to achieve their objectives with utmost efficiency and effectiveness, leveraging our expertise and in-depth knowledge of Turkish and international law.

Having successfully engaged in numerous cross-border transactions involving Turkish entities, Pekin&Pekin gained extensive experience and a global perspective. We are renowned for our expertise in pioneering legal frameworks for Turkish banking transactions, facilitating the introduction of groundbreaking financial products, and advising regulatory bodies on emerging laws and regulations across various sectors. Additionally, the Firm played a pivotal role in the most significant and high‑profile finance and M&A deals in the jurisdiction and achieved notable successes in complex arbitration cases.

Pekin & Pekin is driven by a passion for excellence and a client-centric approach. The teams of experienced legal professionals are dedicated to providing customer tailored, analytical and practical solutions that address the challenges faced by the clients. By staying updated with the latest legal developments and embracing innovation, the Firm maintains its reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and dynamic partner in navigating the complexities of the legal challenges.

Join to Pekin & Pekin to benefit the unparalleled expertise and guidance to achieve your business objectives in Turkey and beyond.