Data Protection, Privacy and Compliance

Data is rightfully considered as one of the most valuable intangible assets especially considering the rapid development of the digital environment which is leading to constant legislative updates.These changes leave the relevant undertakings and organisations no choice but to carefully adapt themselves to pace with the developments in the data protection environment in order to provide maximum protection for their clients.

Using the Personal Data Protection Law adapted from the EU legislation including Directive 95/46/EC of October 24, 1995 and other relevant legislation, Pekin & Pekin regularly advises on a wide range of matters by making comprehensive and comparative analyses including:

  • Sector-specific data protection rights and obligations under Turkish law
  • Collection, processing, storage and distribution of individuals’ data
  • Notification of data collection, individual’s choice and access to data
  • Onward transfer of data, both within Turkey and internationally
  • Applicability of the EU-US Safe Harbour in Turkey
  • Best practice for handling personal and sensitive data
  • Contractual obligations, protection and assurances
  • Mandatory disclosures required by the regulatory authorities
  • Information security
  • Governing the requesting, granting, use and protection of trade, bank and customer secrets
  • Security breaches and the contractual implications for vendor, client and employee relationships
  • Anti-money laundering and protection of personal data
  • Regulatory barriers concerning marketing, particularly telemarketing and via the interest
  • Development of privacy strategies and policies
  • Employee data protection policies and procedures
  • Storage and transfer of personal data of employees

Our global client portfolio includes banks, finance companies, representative offices, insurance companies, franchise operations, businesses competing in the manufacturing, service, retail and intermediary sectors.