Pekin & Pekin Values

Working together to improve our way

of life as an international business in Turkey and as a family firm we consider our community to be both local and global. As such our initiatives span both communities. We also encourage our people to get involved in projects where they believe they can make a difference. Legal staff are encouraged to increase access to justice. The rewards speak for themselves.

Corporate Responsibility

The success of Pekin & Pekin depends on how the Firm acts together and as individuals, and how we affect the world around us. Clients appreciate our approach to corporate responsibility and it plays a key role in why we are selected as a preferred partner. Our approach to corporate responsibility covers three main areas: 


Our Colleagues –working together to achieve our potential

We spend a great deal of time at work and therefore work plays a significant role in who we are and how we behave. Pekin & Pekin understands that the key to a successful law firm is fulfilled employees and aims to make the Firm a place where people want to work and where they respect and value each other. Focus areas: diversity, professional development and personal development.


Our Community – working together to enhance lives

As an international business we consider our community to be both local and global, and we encourage our people to get involved in projects where they believe they can make a difference and for legal staff to increase access to justice. Focus areas: pro bono both as a Firm and as a personal endeavour, charity, culture, arts and education.


Our Environment – working together to reduce our environmental impact

Waste minimisation awareness is key at Pekin & Pekin and we empower our staff to make a difference in reducing the Firm’s environmental impact. Focus areas: IT hardware energy efficiency and lifespan extension, recycling waste paper and reducing paper waste.

Pro Bono

Pekin & Pekin and its lawyers use their legal skills for corporate and personal pro bono projects.

Pekin & Pekin undertakes pro bono work for a diverse range of clients – socially conscious organisations, NGOs, educational establishments and non-profits via direct approaches, Lex Mundi and Trustlaw.

Below are projects undertaken by the Firm and following are personal pro bono projects undertaken by lawyers in their own time:


TrustLaw is the latest endeavour by the Firm to give back to the community. Working on projects for women’s rights and good governance, lawyers aim to increase access to information.

The World Justice Project

The World Justice Projects is a multidisciplinary, multinational movement to advance the rule of law for communities of opportunity and equity.


FINCA International Village Banking Program is a microfinance initiative providing small loans to local entrepreneurs. Pekin & Pekin was approached by FINCA to provide advice on a pro bono basis on the establishment of an office in Turkey.


Ashoka is a global association for entrepreneurs working for solutions to urgent social needs. Pekin & Pekin provided regular advice to Ashoka on employment issues, fundraising queries and day-to-day legal assistance.


Pekin & Pekin assisted The University of Maryland University College (“UMUC”) on local educational regulations covering subjects such as distance learning and the establishment of a Turkish representative.


In addition to private charitable donations, Pekin & Pekin is committed to certain organisations and donates funds on a monthly basis:

  • Turkey’s Disabled Persons Sports Aid and Education Organisation website
  • Homeless Dogs Association website
  • Each New Year the Firm makes a substantial donation to a leading charity.

Culture & the Arts

Istanbul has been gaining popularity as a modern city of merging cultures and vibrant people. The most significant project underway is European Capital of Culture, for which we are proud to have been involved as a corporate partner. 

Each year cities are chosen by the European Union to be a European Capital of Culture. Cities have chance to showcase developments in culture and the unique spirit. By being designated a European City of Culture many cities have transformed their international profile and rejuvenated local participation in cultural and urban projects that bring together their communities.


Pekin & Pekin donated to the building of an USD1mn community school dormitory for girls established by the Ministry of Education. 

We have provided bursaries to countless students in their bids to become lawyers. Currently we provide monthly full scholarship and high merit scholarships to students in the Law Faculty of Istanbul University and Koç University.


Pekin&Pekin is committed to cultivating a diversity encompasses a variety of characteristics and perspectives; including race, gender, disability, age, work pattern, sexual orientation, transgender, religion and beliefs. 

An international staff certainly contributes to our appreciation of diversity. The majority of lawyers are Turkish, a selection with dual nationality, most with overseas experience. We also welcome overseas lawyers on sabbaticals and traineeships, with recent joiners being from the US, Ivory Coast, UK and Germany.

On the gender question the Firm traditionally has a higher number of female than male staff, a point of interest for international firms. Pekin&Pekin recognizes the importance of equal opportunities, fair treatment, and representation for women in the legal profession. We actively promote policies and practices that eliminate gender-based biases and create an environment that supports the advancement and success of women lawyers, ensuring that women have an equal voice and influence in decision-making processes. We aim to create a firm culture that embraces diversity, empowers women, and promotes a more equitable future for all.

At Pekin&Pekin, we firmly believe that a diverse team of lawyers and staff strengthens our ability to deliver the highest quality legal services to our clients and contribute positively to our community.