Working at Pekin & Pekin

Working together to achieve our potential

Pekin & Pekin understands the Firm is only as good as the people it employs. We spend a great deal of time at work and work plays a big part in who we are and how we behave. Pekin & Pekin understands that the key to a successful law firm is fulfilled employees and aims to make the Firm a place where people want to work and where they respect and value each other.

Therefore, the Firm has rejected aggressive expansion in favour of steady development, ensuring that the qualities associated with a member of Pekin & Pekin can be nurtured effectively. Our people are our investments and management ensure that the right mentoring, training and opportunities are given to allow all to reach their full potential.

The Firm is also considered as an established but progressive firm, combining legal excellence with the latest practice management tools, offering those interested in a career in law unique opportunities.

Professional Development

At Pekin & Pekin, we recognize that continuous development is essential for maintaining our position as a leader in the legal industry. We are committed to providing a range of professional development opportunities to support the growth and advancement of our team members.

We believe that investing in the professional development of our team members is crucial for their growth and for providing exceptional service to our clients. By offering a range of development opportunities, we create an environment that fosters continuous learning and enables our professionals to thrive in their careers.

Below is a selection of professional development opportunities supported by the Firm:

  • Career Breaks for Higher Education: We understand the importance of academic qualifications in the legal profession. We encourage our team members to pursue higher education. This allows individuals to take time off from their regular responsibilities to focus on furthering their education, acquiring advanced degrees, and expanding their horizons.
  • Key Skill Courses: We believe in the multidisciplinary development of our professionals. To facilitate this, we offer key skill courses in non-law areas. These courses help individuals cultivate essential skills such as leadership, communication, project management, and business development, enhancing their overall professional capabilities.
  • Knowledge Sharing through Lex Mundi: As a member of Lex Mundi, we actively participate in practice group meetings focused on various legal areas. These programs facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and professional development by providing access to a diverse range of perspectives and expertise.
  • Secondments: We value the importance of understanding our clients’ businesses and industries. Through secondments, our team members have the opportunity to work alongside clients, gaining firsthand experience and insight into their operations. These secondments not only contribute to the development of our professionals but also foster stronger client relationships and a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs.

Visiting Lawyers Program: Each year, we welcome visiting lawyers who seek to expand their knowledge of Turkish law and the local market. This program allows these individuals to immerse themselves in our firm, learn from our experienced professionals, and gain a broader perspective on legal practices. In return, we benefit greatly from the exchange of experiences, methods, skills, and diverse personalities.

Personal Development

Pekin & Pekin supports employees who wish to develop themselves personally. This may be in the form of sabbaticals and secondments, using their professional, language and cultural skills for the benefit of others, taking career breaks, further education and volunteering.